Turning a pandas dataframe into code

A short cut to reproducible pandas examples

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I love the Stack Overflow community! Over the course of the past ten years it has saved me countless hours and prevented situations that what would have resulted in rage quits. Given the overwhelming willingness of complete strangeres to help one another, the least one can do is make it as easy and comfortable as possible for them to help.

It is therefore highly recommended to incluce a minimal example that reproduces the problem/issue at hand. Often I find myself in situtations however, where I have a rather complex dataframe in memory that would take me quite some time to code up from scratch. Often have I wished there was a function df_to_code(df) that turns a pandas dataframe into python code that someone else can run in oder to recreate that dataframe on their end. If you also wished such a thing existed, your wish has been answered ;)

So, suppose you have the following dataframe in memory:


   col_1 col_2
0      1     a
1      2     b
2      3     c

and have some problem that you would like to showcase on the data. You could of course provide code that creates the dataframe yourself:

df = pd.DataFrame(data={"col_1":[1,2,3], "col_2":["a","b","c"]})

but this can be annoying for more complicated frames. Instead of manually writing it, you can simply use df_to_code() in order to hand it to anyone (read: post it on StackOverflow):

Out[95]: 'df = pd.DataFrame( np.array([[1,2,3], ["a", "b", "c"], ]), columns = ["col_1", "col_2"], index = [0, 1, 2] )'

All you need is the function below. It already covers most data types but I will add more in the future as I encounter problems. Certainly need to add datetime functionality. Drop me an email if you have encountered (and solved?) a problem with it:

def df_to_code(df, n=10):
    """Takes a dataframe and returns python code to create it.
        - df (pandas.core.DataFrame): A dataframe to convert to code
        - n (int): number of rows to keep
        - code (str): The code to create that DataFrame
    df = df.convert_dtypes()
    df = df.head(n)
    columns = df.columns
    index = [str(id) for id in df.index]

    lists_of_data  = ""

    for column in df.columns:
        if df[column].dtype.name == "string":
            this_column_as_str = f"""["{'", "'.join(df[column].astype(str).to_list())}"], """
            this_column_as_str = f'[{",".join(df[column].astype(str).to_list())}], '

        lists_of_data += this_column_as_str

    code = f"""
    df = pd.DataFrame(
        columns = ["{'", "'.join(columns)}"],
        index = [{", ".join(index)}]

    code = code.replace("\n","")
    code = code.replace("\'", "'")
    code = code.replace("nan", "np.NaN")
    code = ' '.join(code.split())

    return code
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